IMPACT is one of several initiatives funded by the Cancer MoonshotSM that are aimed at accelerating a decade’s worth of cancer research in five years. The symptom burden experienced by people with cancer is considerable and improving symptom management is critical. IMPACT was designed to accelerate the use of effective symptom management systems that collect patient-reported data and support clinical responses consistent with evidence-based guidelines. Using implementation science approaches, IMPACT will evaluate the adoption of integrated electronic systems for monitoring and managing patient-reported symptoms in routine cancer care.

The Cancer Moonshot’s Blue Ribbon Panel Report summarized ten scientific priorities to accelerate cancer research, including Recommendation F to minimize the debilitating side effects from cancer treatment through development of guidelines for routine monitoring and management of patient-reported symptoms. In response to this recommendation, the IMPACT consortium was established to integrate evidence-based symptom management into clinical care throughout the cancer trajectory and to study the implementation and barriers to adoption of this care practice.